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Close the Deal: Three Unique Value Propositions of Portable Containers and Trailers

In order to make any sale, you need one very specific strategy; without it, you’re sunk.

That strategy is simple: it’s the unique value proposition of what you’re selling. In other words, you have to be able to identify the unique and valuable contribution that a product can make to a customer’s life if you’re ever going to make the sale. That requires seeing the problem from the customer’s point of view, as well as understanding the inherent strengths of the products that you’re trying to push.

If that sounds like a lot of homework, don’t fret. We’ve done the homework for you already. Here are three unique value propositions of our portable containers and trailers that your customers will love:

#1: Storage-on-demand.

True, our mobile storage units are secure. True, they do a swell job of keeping supplies protected from the elements. But other storage companies can offer that with a fixed-site storage option. What separates Portable Container Sales units from the rest is the storage-on-demand feature. These containers can sit in a warehouse or in a garage, waiting to be used, stacked upon each other thanks to our neat stacking and folding features…and they take up minimum space while waiting for something to store. Then, when your customer needs them: voila! They’re ready to go and ready to deliver via one of our heavy duty trailers.

Owning your own portable containers gives you total flexibility of time and money. That’s not something you can say if you rent from a fixed-site storage operation, which offers less flexibility in time and certainly less flexibility in location options. Storage on demand is the unique value proposition you should first make to your customers.

#2: Space saving.

Commercial real estate is expensive. Your customers—construction companies, logistics companies, and more –need to get the most out of their storage space for the buck. That means that the space-saving qualities of these stackable, foldable storage containers become absolutely essential for their bottom line. And if there’s anything a unique value proposition should do, it’s focus on helping your customers’ bottom online.

What’s more, the space-saving features of our portable containers don’t come at the expense of security. They simply add to the logistical flexibility of your customers’ storage options.

#3: Freedom of location.

Finally, a unique value proposition that some companies can’t do without: freedom of location. A mobile company like a construction firm absolutely must have mobile storage if they’re going to function in any reasonable way. Our heavy duty trailers allow for easy moving of storage containers from site to site with all sorts of additional options that your customers will love.

It’s not just the construction firms that need freedom of location. Any company that needs storage options with flexible locations is going to need this unique value proposition.

The next time you try to make a sale, look at your customer and refer back to this post. Is there a specific value proposition that suits your customer? If so, you just may have a new sale in your future.

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