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Portable Container Advantages For Your Customers

If you run a portable container business, then you know that sometimes, portable container customers can be a fickle lot. And rightly so. They have high expectations for security, safety, and keeping their goods out of the cold and rain.

But if you run a portable container business, then you also know that portable containers don’t only do a stellar job of meeting these basic demands, but they come with built-in advantages, as well. The problem? If you don’t have the right hardware in your portable container business, then you can’t pass these advantages to your customers.

And as any businessperson knows, having a unique selling point is key to differentiating yourself from your competition. That’s why we’ve put together a brief list of ensuring that your portable containers’ advantages can be passed on to the people who matter the most: the customers.

Offer easy, convenient transportation. If there’s anything a customer loves, it’s a chance to save time. After all, customers are busy; no matter how proactive they might be with their portable containment, they all know that their lives would be greatly improved if you can offer them a product or service that will make logistics easier to handle. Enter the roll-off trailer. Not only is this trailer highly stable and functional, but it has features like a Quick Lock bed that make portable storage the cinch it should be. That’s the kind of feature you can use to assist your customers directly.

Save your customers space. One of the best features of our portable containers is that they’re easy to stack when not in use, which saves a heck of a lot of space. This isn’t only great for you—because you’ll need to store portable containers when they’re not in use—but it’s great for any customer as well. But how do you pass this feature on to the customer? Well, you offer them the ability to “reserve” a portable container while it’s still stacked in storage, for a small fee. Not only does this mean your own space is saved, but your customer will feel valued and secure knowing that the portable container can be there when they need it.

Highlight the security. Security is usually priority #1 for customers, so if you’re going to pass on the advantages of portable containment on to them, then they need to know exactly how secure these portable containers are going to be. Tell them about the double lock options and the secure door latch—and, if needed, even let them try it out. Customers will love the ability to test it out for themselves, and they’ll also love feeling in control by being able to add their own locks if they desire.

Put your customer in the proverbial driver’s seat and you’ll be amazed at how little “selling” you need to do. That’s what happens when you combine a great product with your own unique portable containment services.

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