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Portable Containers & Accessories: What Your Customers Haven't Considered

Introducing customers to the idea of portable containment isn't always easy. Some come pre-qualified to the idea, sure, because they've heard about portable containers and they want to realize the benefits for themselves. But others require a little bit of convincing before they discover the advantages for themselves.

As someone looking to operate their own portable containment business, you're going to have to know how to persuade these "teeter-totter" customers and get them to see things from your perspective. And if they've already heard the common sales pitch before, you're going to need a little extra "oomf" if you're going to close the deal. Here are the accessories and advantages to portable containment that your customers likely haven't considered:

Using the Trailer

Our storage roll off trailers come with a whole list of advantages in and of themselves. If you use one in your business, then you know how easy it is to offer delivery to your customers. But there are more advantages here, including a convenient plug-in system that keeps your batteries charged from any standard 110 outlet. This means you'll never be caught in a situation without power--and that's some reliability that you can express to your customers.

After all, customers are always looking for guarantees of reliability. When you tell them all about the trailer you use and how you'll never have to be afraid of losing power or missing a delivery, they'll know they can count on you--especially if you show them how it works in person.

Savings and Flexibility

If your potential customers don't already know about the savings and flexibility that come with using portable containment, then it's time to tell them. Sure, many people will consider these advantages as some of the primary selling points when it comes to portable containers--but you'd be surprised at how often salespeople actually neglect to talk about these issues!

Savings and flexibility doesn't just come by virtue of using portable containment--it comes over the long haul, too, as new situations arise. Whether your customer is a private individual or a company looking to use portable storage for their business, chances are that the additional flexibility afforded by portable containment is going to pay off over the long haul.


One thing that many salespeople neglect to mention about portable containment is the issue of security. Sure, a large high-tech storage facility has plenty of security...but that doesn't mean that portable containers are without great protection. When it comes to the portable containers here, you can tell your customers about the secure door latch or the double lock options. Security doesn't have to be a sacrifice with portable containment--so make sure you tell your customers as much.

When you need a few extra steps to make that portable container sale, it's important to know your stuff. Be willing to bring up these issues the next time you're talking to a customer and there's a good chance they'll see what you mean when you talk about all of the advantages to mobile containment.

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