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*Minimum order of 12 mobile storage containers

Portable Storage Units for Sale

PCS portable storage containers lead the moving and storage industry with quality, affordability and ease of use. Our customers enjoy a significant competitive edge because of the initial shipping savings when they purchase PCS Containers from us (minimum 12 containers per order). This allows our customers to spend less on the capital expenditure of containers and shipping and put that money where it’s needed: In franchise development, marketing, and customer acquisition.

PCS Mobile Container Sales offers a quality product that is the foundation for any mobile storage business that hopes to be successful long term. As your portable storage business grows, so too will your need for affordable, dependable storage containers. Going too ‘cheap’ and ordering less than quality storage pod containers can end up costing you a lot more down the road with costly expenses as repairs are needed.

Invest in PCS portable storage containers, the most durable, longest lasting, easy to assemble mobile storage containers available. Breakthroughs in research, engineering, and testing are what make PCS portable storage containers the best in the world. Our mobile storage units are compatible with several delivery systems and built to withstand whatever mother nature throws at them. They are built to handle 8,000 lbs of contents and can be stacked fully loaded, three high. Our “shoebox” style roofing system is designed to keep the weather out and their contents safe, dry and secure.


Portable Storage Containers for Sale

At Portable Container Sales we offer two great portable containers for sale that are geared towards moving and storage companies. Our containers are available in 12' and 16' lengths, and feature all steel - weatherproof construction. Our customers expect the best for their money - and we deliver.

  • Assembled in 20 minutes! Only 18 nuts and bolts. No kidding.
  • Foldable technology means big savings when shipped to you!
  • Innovative manufacturing techniques mean longest lasting containers on planet.
  • Powdercoat for a good looking and long lasting finish.
  • One-Piece “Shoebox” roof! No leaks and structurally superior.
  • Containers hold 10,000 lbs and can be stacked 3 high!
  • Folded, containers can be stacked 6 high for better space management.
  • Secure door latch with double lock options.
  • Forklift tubes for safe and easy handling of containers.
  • All Units come equipped with ETRACK tm for tying down and securing contents.


Features of Our 12' Containers

 Exterior Dimensions   96"W x 144"L x 90"H
 Interior Dimensions   93"W x 140"L x 85"H
 Weight Capacity   7,000 lbs.
 Container Weight   1826 lbs.
 Volume   720 cu. ft.
 Area   96 sq.ft.
 Doors   Double Swing Doors
 Fork Pockets   Standard
 Wheel Tubes   Standard

Features of Our 16' Containers

 Exterior Dimensions   96"W x 192"L x 90"H
 Interior Dimensions   93"W x 188"L x 85"H
 Weight Capacity   8,000 lbs.
 Container Weight   2167 lbs.
 Volume   960 cu. ft.
 Area   128 sq.ft.
 Doors   Double Swing Doors
 Fork Pockets   Standard
 Wheel Tubes   Standard

Optional Container Addons

  • Custom Logo / Sign On Your Containers
  • Folding
  • Tie Down Rings
  • Wheels
  • Doors on Both Ends
  • Diamond Plate Steel Floor
  • Insulation
portable containers for sale portable container sales

Our Moving and Storage Trailers

In addition to having portable containers for sale, PCS also offers moving trailers specific to our containers. 

Turn your moving or storage business into a money maker with our portable storage roll off trailer. Load and unload mobile storage containers quickly and easily.

This quality moving and storage container roll off trailer was specifically designed for use with our mobile storage containers, but it can also be used to move just about anything. It uses a remote control for winching, raising and lowering the trailer deck. A hard wire backup system is included so you will never be caught in a situation without power. The battery compartment is weatherproof and houses the electronics. The convenient plug in system will keep your batteries charged up from any standard 110 outlet.

Fully loaded mobile storage containers are easily loaded up with the 12K Superwinch electric w/ 3/8” cable that comes standard. Additional features include Quick Lock bed, extendable rear lifting arm, wheel carrier bar, snatch block and diamond plate deck. These mobile storage trailers are all you need to start delivering storage containers to your customers!

portable containers for sale portable container sales




Companies That Use Our Portable Storage Containers